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“The Italian Families
of our Communities”

$2,500.00 Donation

The Italian-American Citizen's Club, Bellaire, OH
Sons of Italy Uguaglianza Lodge 754 – Bellaire, OH

$500.00 Donation

Umberto "Pete" Masciarelli 1907-1971

The Lancione Family

The Frizzi Family

The Dominick Davolio Family

Harry and Rosemary Sidon

In Memory of Donato & Irene DeSimone

In Memory of Vince Zeno

In Memory of Vondi Cetorelli

The Gulla Family

In Memory of
Abramo and Philomena Frizzi

In Memory of
Gary and Jennie Zola Boccabella

The Nicola & Maria DeBlasis Famiglia

In Memory of
Abele and Olimpia Cicogna Family

The Fregiato Family

Joe and Betty Busack Family

Herman and Emma Zaccagnini Brunori Family

Antonio and Lois Jean Iannarelli Zaccagnini Family

Tony and Josephine Zaccagnini Busack Family

James and Rose Busack Family 1-740-963-3500
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